TWISTED BARBELL was born out of true passion, sweat and strength! 

I'm Luke and I founded TWISTED Barbell after many years of strength training and strongman training.  My strength and fitness goals are always on the increase and I found that the perfect tool for me getting stronger and bigger was using Atlas Stones to train with. There's nothing like the feeling of true power and strength after training with an Atlas stone weight that I haven't been able to lift before. Mix this with a love of wanting to feel comfortable and look good whilst working out and we have....TWSITED BARBELL. 

I make men and women's gym clothing and accessories and Atlas Stones for weight training, amongst other training related products. I'm endorsed by a number of World Strongest Men and also online companies such as 301nutrition, I Am Truth CBD and Enhance Strength.

My atlas stones have been a roaring success and I am proud to say that they have helped a number of men and women stay mentally and physically strong during the lock down gym closures. 

We are an ethical and charitable company. Our clothing line comes from ethical sources.

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Thanks everyone and stay strong