Hapthor "Thor" Björnsson

Game of Thrones star and 2018 World Strongest Man. The Mountain - Hapthor "Thor" Björnsson showing love and shouting out the TWISTED BARBELL brand!

Tom Stoltman

Current #2 worlds strongest man and Atlas stone world record holder Tom Stoltman giving Twisted Barbell a shoutout

You wont believe your eyes

Glenn Ross (The Daddy) shouting out to all of you guys at TWISTED BARBELL. This is what sets us apart from all the other Atlas Stone and gym apparel companies. We are the real deal. 

Glenn Ross the founder of the UK Strength Council and Scotland Strength Association. Creator of Ultimate Strongman. 

3rd Place - Arnold Classic Strongman 2005
6 x Northern Ireland Strongest Man
3 x Britain's Strongest Man
5 x UK Strongest Man 

'who's the Daddy' 

What a proud day !!

You couldn't get any more validation of how top quality our products are and how amazing the TWISTED BARBELL brand really is. 

Today I have had the most exciting news for myself and TWISTED BARBELL, our stones will be used at none other than the Ultimate Strongman events, being lifted by some of the most famous Strongmen on Earth. This is a massive break for our company and I truly meant it when I said TWISTED BARBELL will be the number one manufacturer of stones in the UK and beyond. 

Dont settle for inferior products, lift like the best with Twisted Barbell 

P. S. Events will be televised, times and dates to be confirmed due to Covid

World's Strongest Man Legend Travis Ortmeyer AKA The Texas Stoneman shouting out TWISTED BARBELL 

This guy really is the King of the Stones! 

240 kg {529 lb 21.5" diameter to 48"} {2009 Arnold Strongman Classic, Columbus, Ohio} 

243.5 kg {535 lb 21.5" diameter to 48" for 3 reps} {2010 Arnold Strongman Classic, Columbus, Ohio} 

Ring of Stones: Light Set 25.5 Sec World Record (2005 Pan Am Championships, Sao Paulo, Brazil

19.20 Sec World Record (2006 IFSA World Championships, Iceland) 

5 Stone Series 

Heaviest set ever - 275, 308, 330, 407, 474 lbs in 26.18 sec (May, 2009 Mohegan Sun) Connecticut, USA 

Heaviest set ever - 265, 315, 385, 435, 480 lbs in 34.81 sec (August, 2009 Paragon Casino) Baton Rouge, Louisiana 12.8 Sec 114 – 182 kg {250 - 400 lb} Unofficial World Record (Cypress, Texas)